Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stop The Nuke

My head’s been really spinning the past few days. I started this diary so that I could write about my experiences as a dancer. I certainly didn't plan on getting caught up in this kind of crap ......... but it's pretty damn tough just to blow it off and carry on as though nothin's happened.

I really still don’t know what to make of the story that The Trancer shared with me at the Rocket’s party, the other night. There is no doubt in my mind that he genuinely believed what he was telling me, but if he didn’t know what to do with the information …………what the fuck am I supposed to do with it?

OK, so I can leave town with my girls but how can I get the word out to my family and friends without them thinking that I’ve gone loopy? They know that I dabble in a little bit of coke, every once in a while; so they’ll just think that I’m suffering from paranoid delusions. Well, perhaps I am ………… but I also know precisely what I heard the other night!

Yesterday afternoon I sent Emails to the Houston Chronicle and a bunch more Emails to the local Radio and TV stations. I directed them to my Blog but I'm sure they won’t take anything that I’ve written too seriously. I just hope that someone has sufficient curiosity to go check it out. After all, if the media doesn’t have the resources to investigate the possibility of something serious going down over the Easter vacation ……..who does?

And before anyone suggests that I go to the cops ……….. don’t even think about it. They’d wanna know all the details of the party and I ain’t about to share any of that with those nice boys down at HPD. I could tell you a whole bunch of tales about the boys in blue ……………but that’ll have to wait for another time.

Mind you, I'm sure that if the boys in HPD suspected that something might happen to restrict their donut supply, they'd put everyone on the frickin' case!

Right now, I’m still tryin’ to get my head around the possibility that my own Government could even contemplate pulling a stunt like nukin’ Houston, just so they can pin the blame on those pesky Eye-ranians. If the U.S. Government wants to bomb another country, that’s one thing ………. but creating the reason to do it by killing a whole bunch of American citizens is just fucking sick!

What kinda psychos we got running this country that they could even think up such a scheme?


Holy shit, I sat back down at the keyboard a few moments ago to carry on writing up my blog, when I have received an Email telling me about the following article:

NWO Master Plan - Nuke Texas?

This calls it exactly as The Trancer explained it to me. According to the date on the article, it was published on Monday March 27th; the day after I learned about it from the Trancer! Now that’s frickin’ spooky!

Anyway, go take a look at the article and make up your own mind.

You know what has just occurred to me? If the Newspapers, TV and Radio all run a story based upon this web article, it might help make sure that it just doesn’t happen. Not in Houston …………. nor any other American city. Even if anyone was planning to carry out such a horrific deed, they wouldn't have the balls to carry out the plan if it’s plastered all over the media. What do you think?

Perhaps we really can make a difference!

If there is anyone out there reading this, please Email the Houston press, TV and Radio stations, asking them to investigate this situation. Maybe they won't find anything ....... but consider the possibility that just by having them snoop around a bit, it might help prevent a mushroom cloud appearing over the Houston skyline.

Y'know, this whole sorry affair really makes me annoyed. This is my fucking home. I’m a fucking Patriot …….. which is more than can be said for the sick psycho who thought up this bullshit.

But I’m here to tell you that I’ll be north of the State Line well before the Easter vacation.

Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say on the subject ‘cos I gotta make sure that I earn enough money to take the girls on that Easter vacation. So it’s back to work for me tonight.

Meanwhile, if anyone reading this blog finds out anything else on this subject, please post a comment or send me an Email.

Y'all have a nice day now.


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