Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Client Entertainment

Having met the girls at the school bus, I took them up to the play area for an hour or so before dragging them back the apartment. It was a pity we had to leave as they were having so much fun. Houston is really pleasant at this time of year; temperatures in the mid seventies and a low level of humidity. It is a real pleasure to be out of the house. So different from the height of summer, when the combination of heat and humidity forces everyone inside the house, the car or the Mall! How or why the hell anyone lived in Houston before the advent of A/C (air-conditioning), I can only begin to wonder. They had to have been runnin’ from somethin’ …or some-one!

I fed the girls a little earlier than usual, as I wanted to be sure that I had plenty of time to make myself pretty for Jim. From the time I get in the shower ‘til the time I walk out the door, is normally no more than one hour but tonight I wanted a little extra time. I chose my favorite outfit of li’l white figure-huggin’ dress, white cowboy boots and topped off with a light blue chiffon scarf. Although the dress is knee length, it highlights my best assets to perfection! I combed my hair out and toyed with the idea of tying it back but eventually decided against it,just letting it fall over my shoulders.

Fortunately, I don’t use much make-up. In the first instance this means that my face is low maintenance during the evening and also insures that I don’t look that much different if or when I wake up alongside someone the following morning. Tonight though, a little rouge was in order as was a touch of lipstick …just to set things off.

When Monika walked through the door at 7.30pm, she took one look at me and said, “Damn, girl…ain’t you a sight…somebody’s in for a real treat!”
I looked over to her and smiled. Jessica piped up and said, “Mama’s always looks so beautiful when she’s goin’ to meet a new man.” She paused and then added, “I just hope that one of them might come home with her and take care of us one day.”
As she finished speaking, Tabitha leaned over and gave her a hug and I heard her whisper, “It’s OK Jess, Mama and me will always be here for you,”
What did I ever do to deserve such sweet girls? They really are so wonderful. I smiled and let my gaze linger before rushing over to them and pulling them both towards me in a family hug.
“I love you guys so much,” I whispered, my head in between theirs, absorbing the moment.

Monika clapped her hands together, “Come on Teeze, you’d better get out’a here and get your butt along to that fancy French restaurant…go on now, move it,”
I grinned at her and pulled away from the girls, kissing each of them on the cheek as I did so. Monika had it all under control. Bless her.

I parked the Olds’ at the Galleria and took a Cab for the short ride along to the Restaurant. This was the first time that I had been in a cab since my ride with the Slimeball but I pushed the memory of that experience out of my head. I didn’t want anything to spoil the sense of anticipation that was building up inside of me as we drew closer to the restaurant. It may surprise some people that anyone active in an S.O.B. (Sexually Oriented Business) can have such feelings. I guess that it depends upon whether the sex is sold gratuitously…or whether it is only made available to carefully selected customers.
Of course, I absolutely understand that some people will have some difficulty relating to this differential; for many people the thought of money being exchanged for sex is apparently abhorrent. Although having said that, it is my experience that those who shout loudest normally have the biggest skeletons in the closet! Anyway, you’ll have to take it from me … there is a big difference. Consequently, I make sure that any customer, who I elect to sleep with, knows very well that I do so because I want to. OK, so he (or she) has still gotta be prepared to pay for the privilege but it is definitely not gratuitous sex!

Jim was sitting in the bar area as I walked into the restaurant. The moment he saw me he climbed straight down from the barstool and walked over to me; the little smile on his face giving away that he had not been totally confident that I was gonna show up. He took my hands and kissed me twice on each cheek…very French I presume. Then he took a pace backwards, looked me up and down, let out a sigh and swooned, “Hey Tallulah-Sue, you look absolutely stunning.”
“Why, thank you, sweetie,” I replied before leaning forward and whispering, “By the way, you may call me Teeze, if you’d like.”
Jim smiled, then attempting a Texan accent, “Why, thank you ma’am, I do believe I’m honored.”
If only he knew…!

Once at the table, he suggested that he order for us both. I was really impressed when he ordered the food in French. The waiter, who was either French or French-Canadian, didn’t seem too impressed with Jim’s accent but I still thought he was cute for tryin’.

Over dinner I sat and listened as Jim told me all about his life in the oilfield. Apparently he worked for Schlumberger, which was interesting ‘cos Robbie’s mama used to work for them once upon a time. I asked him what his wife thought about all the traveling he was doin’; and more particularly, all the time that he was spending in Houston? He shrugged, took a long deep breath and said, “We’ve been together a long time, the kids are both in High School (I appreciated him using a term that I could understand, ‘cos I don’t think they call it High School in France!), and now,” he paused, “We do our own thing.”

He went on to explain that oilfield wives have a pretty good lifestyle and tended to make the most of the situation, even if it was somewhat less than perfect.
What the fuck is it with these women, I thought to myself. Personally, I’d rather have my freedom than stay in a relationship that’s dead on its feet! But hey, everyone to their own…

Jim’s story was so familiar, especially amongst oilfield husbands … there are plenty of them in Houston …and I should know! Although one day perhaps, I might get to hear what an oilfield wife has to say about it.

I didn’t get the impression that Jim felt sorry for himself; neither did he give the impression that he expected or wanted me to feel sorry for him. It was just the way things were … and he was trying to make the best of it. I told him that he might want to consider being honest with himself and his wife …but he just shrugged and quickly changed the subject. I guess I don't cut it as a Relationship Counselor!

As the evening wore on, things lightened up and we started to find that we had some things in common; not least that Jim was a fan of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Although he admitted that he had never heard of him until he first came to Texas …but now he was hooked. The evening was going well and I stepped in before Jim ordered a third bottle of wine… I had plans for him and I didn’t want him stuck in neutral!

We had been playing footsy under the table for a while and I was stroking his hand whenever he placed it on the table. Eventually, he caught on … God; men can be so stupid sometimes!

“So, where would you like to go,” he inquired.
“How about your hotel,” I suggested.
He thought for a moment, then leaned over the table and said, “Teeze, you know what; I’d love to take you back with me …but I’m not sure I can afford you.”
I took his hands in mine and leaned forward so that our foreheads were almost touching, “Well, what do you think I’m worth,” I probed.
“That’s why I don’t think I can afford you,” he said, sighing as if in disappointment.

I took his answer as the compliment that was intended;letting go of his hands, I leaned back in my chair …and waited.

After what seemed like an eternity but was probably only about twenty seconds, he looked up and said, “How does five hundred sound?”
I hesitated, purely for effect. I would have accepted three hundred from Jim but he was clearly of the opinion that I was worth more …and who was I to disagree?
I nodded my agreement to his proposition, then stood up and suggested that he pay the check while I went to the bathroom. He smiled and immediately delved into his jacket pocket to reach for his wallet.

Back at his hotel which was some way down 59, I followed him into the lobby as discretely as possible; arriving at the elevator just a couple of seconds after him, so that it would not be immediately obvious that we were together. Once in his room, I made for the mini-bar and took out the small bottle of champagne; passed it to Jim and suggested that he open it while I go into the bathroom and get myself ready. Once inside, I undressed, with the exception of my little white lace panties.

I opened the bathroom door and adopted a practiced pose in the doorframe, sillouetted by the bathroom light, just as Jim was pouring the champagne into one of the two glasses he had placed on the bedside table. He looked up…and his jaw hit the ground.
“Wow, Teeze, you look absolutely incredible,” he exclaimed, while the champagne ran over the brim of the glass, flooding the top of the bedside table and dripping onto the floor.

He put the bottle down as I walked slowly across the room. I walked on my toes so that my height was enhanced and my calves, thighs and butt were kept taut. Keeping my head back so that my breasts looked about as pert as can be … for 36 Double D’s!

Without saying a word I placed my hands on his shoulders, looked briefly into his eyes and then gently ran my fingertips down over the front his shirt as I sank to my knees. He was stroking the top of my breasts with the backs of his hands as I reached up to unbutton his shirt. I started to undo his belt-buckle with my teeth. The clasp at the top of his pants and the zipper were swiftly dealt with so that I could ease his pants down by gently pulling on them at his knees. His manhood was already straining against his underpants in the anticipation of what was about to occur. I leaned back and reached for the waist band of his underpants, sliding it carefully over the top of his throbbing helmet. As soon as he was exposed I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his penis as far back into my throat as I could manage without gagging. Jim was of no more than average size, so this was relatively easy for me …it’s rather different when I’m with The Rocket!
It always impresses a man to look down and see his entire length disappear down my throat…and tonight was no exception.

“Oh my god…oh, sweet Jesus…that’s so good…so very fucking good.” Jim whimpered.
As I eased him out of my throat, I brought my tongue into play; wrapping it around him until I reached the rim under the helmet. Jim tasted really good, he had obviously made sure that he was ultra clean…just in case.
I let the fingertips of my right hand reach up until they gently nudged the sensitive area immediately behind his scrotum; while my left hand squeezed his right-hand butt cheek.I let my left-hand index finger just nudge gently against his anus…and braced my throat for the involuntary pelvic thrust that I knew was about to follow. As he thrust back into my throat, I gripped the base of his penis, so that I could control the rate of his ejaculation, if he came too quickly. I needn’t have worried, it was clear that Jim wasn’t about to rush the experience.

I sucked, licked, stroked and caressed his balls and dick for all of ten minutes…, while gently pushing the tip of the middle finger of my left hand into his ass, easing back each time I felt his penis start to go into the pre-ejaculation convulsions. Then it was time for my party-piece; I took a condom secreted in my panties and slipped it into my mouth, in one smooth practiced action; placing the condom on Jim’s penis as I took him deep into my throat one more time.

I stood and pulled Jim with me as I moved towards the bed. I lay down, arching my back so that Jim could remove my panties. He made as if to go down on me but I was ready and wanted him right away. Normally I would have welcomed some tongue attention on my pussy but tonight I was hot and didn’t want any more delay in getting Jim inside of me.

Although Jim was in his late thirties, he had a good body. Not particularly muscular but certainly not flabby. He eased himself on top of me, keeping his weight off me, placing his hands either side of my head and pushing up, with his arms at full stretch. I felt him ease into me, thrusting deep; I pushed my hips up to meet him, heightening the impact of his thrust.

I knew that he wasn’t going to be able to last too long, so I asked him to stop and hold still and to try to take all his weight on his arms and his toes. I then pushed myself as far onto his dick as I could manage, without knocking him over, and started to contract my vaginal muscles in time with his pulsating penis. It’s actually very difficult for a guy to do this, as they want to thrust forward, especially as they get closer to their orgasm but Jim was very disciplined and held still.
I kept this up for about ten minutes before I felt the moment of orgasm rising in Jim’s throbbing member; finally giving him permission to thrust himself into me as far and as fast as he wanted. His face contorted as he screamed, thrusting once, twice …a dozen times before he let fly and I felt the tip of the condom filling up inside me.

Eventually the post-orgasm spasms stopped and as his arms gave way, he collapsed on top of me.
“Teeze, you are absolutely bloody incredible…that was one of the most amazing orgasms that I’ve ever had …ever!” He added for emphasis.
Well, I took that with a pinch of salt, ‘cos we all know that every male orgasm is the ‘best they’ve ever had…don’t we?

Jim rolled on to his side and we held each other for a further twenty minutes or so. I could feel his heart-rate slowly returning to normal…the last thing I needed was a coronary on my hands. Don’t laugh, it’s happened more than once …not to me but to a least one girl I know and most famously to the guy who played bass with The Who, when he was visiting Vegas! I guess that most man would probably say something crass, like, “What a way to go.” But consider the girl that’s gotta deal with all the shit afterwards! Not funny.

I slid out from under Jim and went into the bathroom. I don't really know why but I didn’t feel like staying the night. I’d save that for another occasion. I jumped in the shower and heard Jim come into the bathroom. He was still taking deep breaths, so I knew he was still savoring the experience. I waited until he left the bathroom before climbing out of the shower. I had left my clothes in the bathroom intentionally. This avoids the need to walk back into the bedroom naked …unless I choose to do so.

Jim looked disappointed when he saw that I was dressed but didn’t protest. I told him that I wanted to be home for when my little girls woke up in the morning. He nodded. I think that this was probably an aspect of family life that he realized he had missed out upon. The oilfield might pay the big bucks but it definitely don’t seem to respect the family!

Jim saw me glance at his jacket. He took the unspoken hint and reached for his wallet. He took out five one hundred dollar bills and even smiled as he handed them over to me. That’s what I like … another satisfied customer. I knew he’d be back for more; I had simply whetted his appetite.

The cab ride back to the Galleria was fortunately without drama. It was still relatively early and I was in half a mind to stop off at Cover Girls on the way home …but I resisted the temptation and drove straight to the apartment. Monika was asleep in my bed, so I just curled up on the sofa.

Jim is going to be in Houston until the weekend. Somehow I think there’s a good chance I’ll be hearing from him before he takes that flight back to Paris. I guess it’s just a case of whether his expense account can stretch to another evening of Client Entertainment before he leaves town.


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