Friday, April 07, 2006

New Sensation

The past few days have been very relaxed, I was able to spend some time with the girls and took them to see Ice Age 2: The Meltdown on Wednesday evening. What a really great movie! I could never really get excited about animation but movies like Shrek and Ice Age have changed all that. The girls just loved the little muskrat... and his never-ending quest to keep possession of his beloved acorn …so funny!

As we left the AMC movie theater on Dunvale, just south of Westheimer, I realized that we were just a stone’s throw away from the restaurant where I’d had dinner with Jim on Monday evening. Memories of the post-dinner sex came flooding back and I wondered whether I would hear from him before he returned to Paris. I smiled to myself as I recalled the expression on his face when he eventually realized that I had put the condom on him ... with my teeth. It took me a long time to perfect that little trick; the guy in my local store must have wondered what I was doing buying all those bananas!

For a while, I considered calling him ... but pushed the thought away. Men always like to think that they are calling the shots, especially when they are paying for the privilege ...and I didn’t want to spoil the illusion for Jim.

I drove back up 290 with the girls asleep in the back of the car; they looked so contented. I hoped that it would always be the case. Despite my somewhat unusual lifestyle, I want to preserve some semblance of normality in their lives. I know that this sounds somewhat contradictory but I think it helps keep me focused. So far, it has definitely played a part in keeping me away from some of the more extreme aspects of Houston’s shadowy twilight zone!

The ring tone of my phone snapped me out of my daydream, just as we were passing the intersection with the Beltway. My guardian angel must have been watching over me ever since I turned off the 610 loop; because I had no conscious recollection of driving the last few miles. I shook my head sharply to bring me back to reality and reached over to my purse for my phone. I half hoped that it would be Jim calling to arrange another dinner & sex session ...but it wasn’t him was Angela. Shit, I hadn’t seen or heard of Angela since Thanksgiving last year ...but I guessed why she was calling.

I had originally met Angela at Greenspoint Mall on I45, while shopping for some new lingerie in Victoria’s Secret. I had been in the store for about twenty minutes when I sensed that I was being watched. There were only a few other people in the store and a tall striking brunette, with a hard tanned body, had caught my attention. She smiled as we made eye contact and immediately started walking over to me; her eyes appearing to widen as she drew closer.
“Wow, you are just beautiful,” she drawled, “I’m sorry for staring but I just couldn’t take my eyes away from your gorgeous figure.”
I confess that this wasn’t the first time something of this nature had occurred but it was the first time by another woman!
“Why, thank you,” I replied, looking her straight in the eyes, “I appreciate the compliment.”
“Would you like to join me for a coffee?” She asked.
“Sure,” I said, without any hesitation. I sensed that this might develop into something interesting ...and I was not to be disappointed.

Angela was in her mid-thirties, a little taller than me and she clearly kept herself in good shape. She was wearing a light blue silk blouse with short sleeves, revealing powerful arms. The tight khaki shorts hugged her butt and showed her legs off to perfection. I learned later that she worked out for at least two hours every day; it certainly showed!

Over coffee I learned that Angela lived in the Woodlands, a beautiful area just a short drive from Houston International Airport (IAH) and about twenty minutes from the Mall. She was married to a Banker, who apparently spent the week traveling throughout the U.S. and his weekends on the golf course. Basically she was one lonely lady. She told me that she had been propositioned many times at her local gym but had resisted the temptation because she wanted to stay loyal to her husband ...who had the really nerdy name (her words) of Malcolm.

After our second coffee, she asked if I’d like to go back with her and share a hot tub. It just so happened that at that time the girls were spending a few days with Robbie’s mother, so I thought, “Why not.”

Back at her beautiful home, nestled in the trees deep in the sub-division, I went into the garden while Angela disappeared into the kitchen. I was surprised to find that the water in the hot tub was already at the perfect temperature.
“Do you always keep the water heated?” I asked naively.
“Only when I’m going shopping,” she smiled, flashing her eyes and pouting her lips.

It was quite clear that Angela's idea of staying loyal only applied to other men! It had been a while since I had been with another women but this was to be a totally new experience.

I heard the cork pop as Angela opened a bottle of champagne. Without any further hesitation, I stripped off and walked over to the hot-tub, which was bubbling away on the patio. Most swimming pools in Houston are constructed with an integral hot-tub but Angela’s was completely separate from the pool; located in such a way that it was not overlooked by any of the adjoining properties. Angela came out onto the patio just as I was easing myself into the steaming water.
“You look absolutely amazing, Teeze,” she said, almost drooling.
I smiled at her as she placed the bottle of champagne and two champagne flutes on the small table by the hot-tub. She filled the glasses and immediately pulled her silk blouse over her head, revealing a fine pair of silicone enhanced 36C’s. She reached behind her back with her left hand and flicked the catch of her bra. As the support was removed, I swear that her titties did not drop by even a fraction of an inch. Stepping out of her shorts and panties, revealing a beautiful Brazilian trim, she reached back for the champagne flutes and walked over to the tub. Angela was the owner of one well-honed body. She was evidently very proud of it ...and rightly so! Her many hours of investment at the gym had been well rewarded as she could easily have passed for being ten years younger.

Once she was seated in the tub, she reached over and passed one of the champagne flutes to me.
“To new friends,” she toasted.
“To new friends,” I repeated, chinking her glass with mine.
After taking a sip from her glass, she placed it on the rim of the tub. Then reached for my glass and put it alongside hers. Leaning forward, she reached into the water and took hold of my hands; pulling them towards her and placing my hands on her breasts. As she did so she asked me to stroke her nipples. As is often the case with surgically enhanced breasts, the implants cause a loss of sensitivity around the breast but the sensitivity of the nipple can sometimes be significantly enhanced. Although this is not the case if the implant is inserted by cutting around the nipple. Angela’s boob job was one of the best that I had seen. The implants had been inserted via a small incision just under each armpit, leaving no marks anywhere around the breast. She said that her husband had imported the implants specially, from Switzerland. I’m sure he appreciated the result ...I sure did!

Angela threw her head back as I gently flicked her nipples with my thumbs, while lightly stroking the outside her breasts with my fingers. We remained in the hot-tub, stroking and kissing each other for almost an hour before she eventually suggested that we might be more comfortable in the bedroom. Making love with another woman is so different; the average guy thinks he's a stud if he sustains perhaps fifteen to twenty minutes of foreplay but then, one way or another, wants to ejaculate ...then falls asleep ...or gets dressed and leaves! With a woman, the foreplay can last for hours.

Once in the bedroom, Angela laid me on the bed and started by kissing my toes. As she worked he way up my legs, I could feel myself dripping in anticipation. As she reached my pussy, she gently licked at my clitoris, drawing it out to meet each flick of her tongue. It felt as though the juices were flowing out of me like a river in spring melt. Angela then treated me to something that I had not experienced before. As she continued to eat me, she pushed her finger deep inside my pussy, pulling the juices out of me and running her moistened finger right up the crack of my butt. Then just when she sensed the moment was right she eased a finger into my ass at exactly the same moment as she pushed another finger into my vagina; all the time flicking her tongue tantalizingly over my swollen clit; producing the most amazing sensation. I arched my back pushing up to meet the rhythm her fingers, relishing the effect of them moving around inside of me. I could feel the orgasm rising from somewhere in the depths of my being; Angela increased the rate at which her tongue flicked and started to move her two fingers in and out of me, like a train gathering speed.

When the moment of truth arrived, it was like an orgasmic tsunami sweeping through me, over me, under me, around me …again and again. Angela kept going until I begged her to stop; I just couldn't take any more of her pleasuring. The waves of orgasm sweeping through me were so powerful that I collapsed in tears as the ecstasy subsided. The whole experience was absolutely mind-blowing; an amazing new sensation. How could I ever repay her?

I needn’t have worried; Angela knew exactly what she wanted. All I had to do was follow her lead. I believe I experienced another mini-orgasm at the moment I inserted my two fingers into her; just as she had shown me a few minutes previously. Feeling her contract her vaginal and anal muscles around my fingers simultaneously was truly indescribable. Meanwhile my mouth was overflowing with her juices; so much so that there was a small pool collecting on the bed around her tight sun-tanned ass. When Angela eventually achieved her orgasm, we had been having continuous sex for almost two hours. Something I had never achieved with a male partner ...well, not without chemical assistance!

And now she was on the phone asking me if I’d like to spend some time with her at the weekend. I assumed that Malcolm, her husband, was going to be away on business or at a golfing weekend; anywhere other than Houston. I began to feel horny as the memories of my last visit to The Woodlands came flooding back. I didn’t want to sound too enthusiastic, so I told her that I’d have to check my diary and call her back when I got home.

When I hung up on her, I looked down to check my speed and realized that I was doing almost ninety. The excitement of another session with Angela had apparently extended to my right leg!

Friday pm.

Well, it’s now late afternoon and I haven’t heard from Jimbo, so perhaps Monika was right and I had stretched his budget just a bit too far for him to hook up with me twice in one week. Still, he’ll be back in town in a few weeks time and I’m sure he’ll want an encore.

Meanwhile, I’ve just arranged for the girls to have a sleep over with some friend’s tomorrow night and I’ll be heading back up to The Woodlands.


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