Monday, April 03, 2006

Working the Magic

The last few days have been something of a recovery process. Recovery from the shock of learning that my own Government might be planning to nuke to shit out of Houston, just so’s they can start another fucking war ………….. as if we aren’t getting our butts kicked enough in Eye-raq!

It seems that what I learned from the Trancer at the Rocket’s party is actually old news. A couple of people sent me Emails directing me to web-sites which show that this story has been around for a while. Not that that makes me dismiss it outa hand but it does mean that if those sick mother-fuckers in Washington still decide to go ahead with their plan, they won’t exactly be able to claim that it was perpetrated by the Eye-ranians ……… or that they didn’t have any prior warning!

Either way, I’m still taking the girls up to Oklahoma for the Easter Vacation. Somebody already bombed the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, back in 1995. They say that lightning don’t strike twice, I sure hope they’re right!

That’s all I’m gonna say on the subject ‘cos I don’t think that too many people are reading my blog to hear about my thoughts on American politics. Although once upon a time, I didn’t really care what was goin’ on outside Harris County but with so many of my customers being from outside the good ol’ U.S. of A., I’m starting to realize that it just ain’t possible to ignore all the shit that is going on in the world …….. or the fact that many people from overseas seem to think that most of the shit is actually down to the U.S.A. in the first place!

Meanwhile, back in North West Houston, I spent the back end of last week really spoiling the girls. Jess & Tabby were so surprised that I wasn’t working that they asked me if I was sick?

The girls wanted to go swimming on Saturday but it’s still a bit early in the year for the pool in our apartment complex to have warmed up, so I took them to the zoo instead. They got so excited and the highlight of the day was watching the Monkeys get fed. Watching the antics of these amazing creatures had us laughing for the rest of the afternoon. In the evening, I took the girls to the Hard Rock Café on Texas Avenue. Man, we ate so much; we could hardly walk when we left the restaurant. The girls fell asleep in the car as we made our way back up 290. I could see the girls in the rear view mirror, curled up together in the back of the car; they looked so cute.

We slept real late on Sunday morning; so late that Monika came knocking at the door to see if we were alright. It was opportune that Monika appeared at the door because I had to ask her to look after the girls in the evening as I had received a call the previous evening from one of my regular customers who was visiting town and wanted to know if I would be working this evening.

Regular customers are a Dancer’s bread and butter. The more Regular Customers that a Dancer has in her Address Book, the more consistent her income. Turning up a Club on spec’ may mean hustling all night for just a handful of dances, especially if there are a lot of girls working but only a handful of Customers actually walk through the door. However, once I get the opportunity to sit with a Customer, it is usually me who decides how long I stay with them.

You know, I get really fucking annoyed with those feminists who say that Dancers are exploited. Well, Ladies, I’ve got some real hot news for you; somebody might be getting exploited but it definitely ain’t the Dancers! My skill is trying to determine how much a customer is prepared to spend while he is in the Club. Some of the younger men may have a limit of $100 bucks for the evening; which will get them four beers (two for the girls and two for him) and four dances. If this is the case, I will maybe do just one dance and then move on in the search for richer pickings.

How do I find this out? Well, I like to sit down and have a chat with the customer for a few minutes before getting my titties out!
If the guy asks, “What kinda beer you like, Honey?”
It’s probably not gonna get too serious!
On the other hand, if the question is, “Champagne or a shot?”It could be the start of something big!

The guy who called me, Jim, visits Houston at least once a month. Although Jim lives in Paris, he is actually British and I just love his British accent; I get all moist just thinking about it! The first time that I sat with Jim was also his first visit to Houston and I made sure that he was properly initiated on his first visit ……… now I was his first port of call whenever he arrived in town.

Monika agreed to take care of the girls from 4pm; So this gave me plenty of time to get myself ready and make sure that I was looking my best for Jimbo.

Jim was already at the Club when I arrived. He had landed at IAH on the late afternoon flight from Paris, collected his rental car, driven to Sugarland, checked in to his hotel, showered and driven straight out to Cover Girls. Boy, he was keen ……… a real good sign!

My favorite waitress, Martha, was working so I slipped her $10 and asked her to make sure that Jim’s glass was kept topped up through the evening. The name of the game is to keep the customer happy ……… but not so happy that they got drunk! Martha is an absolute master at keeping a customer at exactly the right level of intoxication and on Sunday night she was working her skill to perfection.

For the first thirty minutes or so, I chatted with Jim; letting him tell me what he’d been up to in Paris over the past few weeks. Apparently he has kids at the British School and they had just returned from a Ski trip in the Alps. I skied one time, when a customer took me to Banff in Canada for a long weekend but he was more interested in ……..oh, I’ll save that story for another time. Anyway, once Jim was comfortable, I suggested that he needed to unwind after his journey and that I should dance for him. I decided to take it real slow; I calculated that if I played it at the right pace, it could be a very rewarding evening. After a couple of dances, I suggested that we should move up into the VIP area. Martha found us a table in a particularly dark corner and went off to get the required bottle of champagne.

The VIP area was already filling up, which was unusual for a Sunday evening but this was a good sign as it meant that nobody would be taking any notice of anyone else. My first dance for Jim in the VIP lounge set the tone for the rest of the evening. No-one takes any notice of the ridiculous ‘Three-Foot Rule’ in the VIP, so we could get real close. Like most dancers, I use my butt and my titties to maximum effect; keeping Jim rock hard from the time I start dancing ..... until the time I sit down. Always keeping him at the point where he craves more.

My best achievement, with any one customer, was when I managed twenty-four dances over a period of three hours before finally letting him cum in his pants ……… and boy did he cum! Tonight, I was gonna make sure that Jim was on the point of burstin’ his balls and then I was gonna’ let him fly.

Over the course of the evening, we managed to sink four bottles of champagne and I gave him fourteen really hot dances but by eleven o’clock, the time difference was catching up and he was getting real tired; so I decided to gave him a dance to remember.

He was already hard and I could feel him throbbing as I slid my body down the front of his shirt and down his pants. When my titties were level with his penis, I put my hands on the sides of my breasts and squeezed my fleshy mounds around him. He was leaning back in the chair and thrusting his groin into my chest. With his dick firmly pressed into my boobs, I massaged him until I could feel his pulse begin to accelerate. He let out a moan as I released him and stood up. I smiled; I knew that I had him exactly where I wanted him. I turned and gripping the sides of the chair, I gently lowered myself until I could feel his erection nudging my butt. Then gently rocking my hips, I clasped his throbbing member in my butt cheeks. The effect on Jim as I clenched my cheeks in time with his throbbing hard-on gave him no option but to thrust his hips forward in involuntary spasm. Just before he was about to lose control, I turned back to face him. His face was distorted in ecstasy and he was almost whimpering, “Tallulah – Tallulah …….. don’t stop …….please don’t stop.”
I put my finger to his lips as for the first time I reached down to feel his manhood with my hands. He let out a moan as I gently rubbed the front of his pants, then almost without warning; he arched his back and thrust his hips forward, pushing his groin into my hands. I could feel the power of the ejaculation, powering each jet of sperm into ………..his underwear!

Jim let out a massive sigh and said, “Tallulah-Sue …….. that was fucking incredible.”
In the next moment he confirmed that my efforts have all been worthwhile, by asking ……. almost pleading, “Tallulah-Sue, what are you doing tomorrow night?”
“Why, I do believe I’m meeting you,” I replied seductively.
With that, Jim went off to the bathroom and I knew that I had secured tomorrow night’s income, in addition to making almost three hundred bucks tonight.

Well, I'm gonna be meeting up with Jimbo in a little while. He's taking me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant on Westheimer and then ....... well, I might just let him fuck me .......... if he's got enough money!

Now please don’t ever tell me that it is the Dancer who is being exploited!


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